Summer '23 Research Institute Poster Session

August 02, 2023

Our research assistants, Maisha Alam, Rebecca Klein, and Tatiana Santos Mroczek, presented their poster entitled “Behavioral Self-Disclosure and Responsiveness Predict Affiliation in Newly-Acquainted Dyads Regardless of Social Status Differences” at the 2023 Lida Orzeck ‘68 Summer Research Institute Poster Session

​​Some of our research assistants collaborating with the Columbia Couples Lab presented as well. Humaira Ahmed presented “Relationship Between Co-rumination, Responsiveness, and Relationship Quality Among Romantic Couples.” Akeila March presented “Self-Efficacy & Physiological Reactivity.” Taylor Whang presented “The Impact of Social Support on Physiological Reactivity and Recovery of Couples during an Acute Lab Stress Task.” 

We are so proud of all of their hard work and look forward to seeing all that they do going forward!

Maisha Alam, Tatiana Santos, and Rebecca Klein with their mentor, Kate Thorson.
Humaira Ahmed, Akeila March, and Taylor Whang with their SRI Posters.
Akeila March, Humaira Ahmed, Tatiana Santos, Taylor Whang, Rebecca Klein, Maisha Alam and CJ Concepcion during SRI Poster Presentation