Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Conference

February 25, 2023

Humaira Ahmed and Katherine Lin presented posters on their summer projects at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Katherine's poster was titled "The Importance of Getting Acquainted: Investigating How Initial Perceived Similarity Sets the Stage for Future Collaboration." Humaira's poster was titled "A Longitudinal Investigation of Student-Mentor Relationships: How are Students' Weekly Stress Appraisals Related to Weekly Perceptions of their Mentors’ Emotions?" The posters were incredible and included analysis of the complete data sets that were collected this past summer. Humaira and Katherine also got to attend multiple talks and poster sessions to broaden their knowledge about the fields of social and personality psychology. We are looking forward to doing further analysis on both of these studies and building off these results and studies in the future. Great job, Humaira and Katherine!